Lincoln Cemetery, St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, FL

Location: Lincoln Cemetery (8.82 acres) is located at 600 - 58th Street South in St. Petersburg, FL. The easiest route to Lincoln Cemetery would be to travel South on US 19 into St. Petersburg and turn West onto Central Avenue proceeding to 58th Street and turn left. The cemetery is situated between Royal Palm Cemetery and Boca Ciega High School. At Lincoln's northern boundary is Royal Palm Cemetery and Boca Ciega High School at the southerly boundary. The property appraiser's parcel number for this property is 21/31/16/00000/330/0200. Lincoln Cemetery was established in 1926 by Reginald H. Sumner, owner of Sumner Marble and Granite works and Royal Palm Cemetery. Ownership of the cemetery transferred back and forth between McRae Funeral Home (Monroe McRae) and Sumner Marble & Granite several times over the years; Sumner Marble & Granite has been the owner of record since 1992. A large portion of those buried in Lincoln did not receive headstones. Record keeping over the years was not ideal. Although burial dates were generally provided, many times death dates were not, ages were occasionally recorded.

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